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How to Keep Your French Drain From Freezing

Winter can be a harsh season for your drain system. With temperatures dropping below freezing, there is always a risk of your drain becoming frozen. This can cause significant problems and damage to your drainage system if not addressed promptly. As a drain expert, I have seen many cases of frozen drains during the winter …

Exterior French Drains Are Superior To Internal French Drains

If you talk to an interior drainage company, they will likely tell you to get an interior French drain. Conversely, an exterior drainage company will likely tell you to have an exterior French drain installed. So, which is better? Let’s discuss the facts. Ground Water Should Stay On The Outside Of Your House Installing an …

Guide to French Drains for Pittsburgh Homeowners 

What Is a French Drain?   A French drain is a pipe system designed to help manage water drainage on your property. It is typically made of perforated PVC or corrugated pipe and is surrounded with gravel. The French drain collects water from ground seepage. It then redirects the water away from your home to …

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