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Do I Need a Catch Basin for My Home?

A catch basin is a masonry box or basin located underground that serves as a part of a landscape drainage system. They are installed into the ground at a low point on your property and feature a grate on top of the basin where water can enter. A catch basin can collect debris which helps keep downstream pipes clog-free and prevent your lawn from flooding.

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Catch Basin Basics

A catch basin is part of a drainage system that collects excess water and diverts it away from your home. It is often constructed with an inlet pipe, where water enters the basin, and an outlet pipe, which takes the collected water away and out of sight.

How Catch Basins Are Designed

Catch basins are most often designed and crafted from masonry materials, which can be concrete blocks, brick, or concrete rings. Typically, at least two pipes will be installed that go through the walls of the basin. One of these pipes will serve as the inlet pipe, and the other pipe will serve as the outlet that goes to the public storm sewer. Other pipes may also be installed for the gutters or for yard drains.

Drainage Installation Services in Pittsburgh

The professional drainage experts at Isbir Construction & Landscape can help with drainage installation and design to ensure that it provides you with the necessary protection. If you are considering drainage system installation, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today to learn more!

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