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Are We a Good Fit?

We get a lot of phone calls and inquiries from people who are interested in our services. People want to know if we are a good fit! For some, we are a perfect fit, but for others, we simply are not a good fit! It makes sense to find out now (before you spend a bunch of unnecessary time) if we should be working together. Typically, our clients have several of the following characteristics:

They are serious about hiring a professional and not simply looking for a quick fix or free advice.
They see Isbir Construction & Landscape Corp. as a partner and resource for a unique approach to their special and/or difficult project or problem.
They are willing to be patient to speak with Mike Isbir and are not in a rush to have their work completed.
They like the idea of a collaborative approach with a design process before any work is installed.
They hire us because we manage their entire job, and if specialized subcontractors are needed, we coordinate them and are responsible for the subcontractors on our team.
They hire us because we are professional, licensed, and insured with full-time office staff that is there for them if they have questions.
They like dealing directly with Mike Isbir from the initial phone consult to the on-site appointment and throughout the completion of the project.
We will talk openly and honestly about their budget and work with us to make sure the project is structured to meet their needs while staying within budget.
They want the finest work.
They are 100% committed to doing their project and they are not just looking for a proposal to see what their project will cost.
They want the best value for their money and they know that low price is not the most important aspect of the project.
They have already spoken with at least one other firm and they are just not comfortable with some of the other companies that they have interviewed for their project.
Most people will say yes, of course, we want to deal with a firm that does things this way! Our greatest challenge is to provide this high level of service to our unique clientele.

Please give serious consideration as to whether or not you feel that we would be a good fit for you and your project. If you want to give us a try, contact us today to start the conversation!

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Our #1 Goal is Customer Satisfaction

No headaches! No hassles! Our company’s philosophy isn’t for everyone; we are a single source for clients who want to deal with a professional organization.
If you feel our team would make a good fit with you and your project, please contact us today to learn about our phone consultation,
which is the first step in determining if we are right for your project.