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Property Maintenance Services for the Pittsburgh Area

At Isbir Construction, we take pride in offering our Pittsburgh clients comprehensive property maintenance services. Whether you need to demolish your swimming pool or remove dead trees from your property, our experienced team can help!

Swimming Pool Demolition & Filling

We are very experienced with filling and removing all styles of in-ground swimming pools. Poor access for machinery is not a problem.

Sewer & Underground Utility Installation

We install all underground utilities and we provide the inspection, permitting, and proper compaction of the backfill so the ground does not sink.

We are special because we can provide any pavement patching or lawn/landscape restoration that may be requested.

Lot Clearing and Grading

Overgrown lots and yards can be cleared of debris and plant material. The area can then be smoothed and graded with our machinery. This will keep rodents out and the property looking great.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be easily ground to 8 inches below the ground surface to allow for grass to be planted.

Tree Removal

We offer a complete tree removal and pruning service to our customers. Thinning and pruning are important for trees located adjacent to houses. Severe wind and snowstorms can bring down large branches and whole trees. Ask about our crane service.

Landscape Lighting

We offer full-service Landscape Lighting installations and design. Landscape lighting makes sure the beauty in your landscape is seen even after dark. Lighting also increases safety at night and allows the outside of your home to be used more hours of the day.

Sprinkler Systems

We offer full-service irrigation design and installation by certified personnel. Never worry about your lawn dying or plants wilting during the summer heat. Worried about wasting water or think you won’t know how to operate your system? We can install a rain sensor and pre-program different cycles into your system to make it the most effective for your desired use.

Wood Construction

We build decks, ramps, pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions. We also do re-decking of existing decks with worn-out wooden surfaces.


Our craftsmen can finish sidewalks, patios, and many other concrete surfaces. We provide properly compacted base aggregate and reinforcing steel. We offer exposed aggregate concrete as well as dyed and stamped decorative concrete.

Asphalt Paving & Patching

We can provide asphalt paving for new driveways as well as asphalt patching for streets, driveways, and other areas that are disturbed during construction. We make sure to properly compact our base material and seal all joints with hot tar.

House Demolition

We perform all phases of demolition, from careful hand removal to heavy machine demolition. We coordinate all utility disconnections and permitting/inspections.

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Have a formally educated and certified staff.
Offer superior quality and pay close attention to detail.
Provide detailed contracts and drawings for all projects.
Do not take shortcuts - Not on your job, not on any job.
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