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Guide to French Drains for Pittsburgh Homeowners 

If you’re a homeowner suffering from drainage issues, you may have already encountered the option of installing a French drain. French drains are a great option to help manage water drainage issues for homeowners. At Isbir Construction & Landscape Corp.,  we specialize in French drain installation services for Pittsburgh homeowners. Here, we’ll provide an overview of what a French drain is, how it works, and the installation process.
man installing an exterior french drain pipe in a drainage ditch before the stone is covered

What Is a French Drain?


A French drain is a pipe system designed to help manage water drainage on your property. It is typically made of perforated PVC or corrugated pipe and is surrounded with gravel. The French drain collects water from ground seepage. It then redirects the water away from your home to a designated area, such as a stormwater catch basin.


What Is a French Drain Used For?


French drains are used to help protect your home from flooding and other water-related issues. The French drain system helps reduce the risk of water damage, mold growth, erosion problems, and other drainage issues caused by excess water. French drains can also be used to manage runoff from rainwater on your property.


How Does a French Drain Work?


The French drain system is designed to collect and divert water away from your house. The system consists of a perforated pipe that is buried in gravel. The pipe has holes along its length, which allow the water to be collected and redirected away from the house. The gravel also helps filter out any debris or sediment from the water as it travels through the drain.


How Is a French Drain Installed?


Installing an exterior French drain involves digging a trench, laying the drain pipe, and backfilling with gravel. The trench should be at least 18 inches deep and wide enough to fit the PVC or corrugated pipe. The pipe is then laid in the bed of gravel along the bottom of the trench. Finally, gravel is added on top of the pipe to provide additional filtration. An interior French drain is installed along the inside perimeter of the basement wall, but in most cases, this isn’t the best option, or even an option at all. Learn about why exterior French drains are superior to interior French drains.


What is the Cost of a French Drain Installation?


The cost of a French drain installation varies depending on the size and complexity of your project. Factors such as the length of the trench, the amount of gravel needed, and labor costs will also affect the installation cost.


Prior to beginning the installation, our expert team will develop an estimate based on the amount of piping, aggregate, couplers, end caps, and other materials required for your installations well as for the labor of our drainage experts.


Professional French Drain Installation Services


Ultimately, a French drain is an effective way to redirect groundwater away from buildings and other areas. It’s relatively easy to install in Pittsburgh, and it can help prevent flooding and soil erosion.


French drains are also an affordable and effective way to improve drainage for gardens, crops, driveways, and sidewalks. When properly installed and maintained, a French drain can be a great addition to any home or landscape. Contact Isbir Construction & Landscape Corp. to learn more!

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