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What are My Options for a Basement Drainage System?

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When it comes to basement drainage systems, there are many options available.

While all of them may vary in cost and effectiveness, the five most common systems are French drains, sump pumps, drainage channels, drain tile systems, and exterior foundation drains.


French Drains Pros and Cons

A French drain is an inexpensive option that uses a series of connected pipes with holes in them to collect water and divert it away from the basement. It’s an effective way to deal with basement flooding and is a good choice if house foundations are made of wood or stone.

On the other hand, French drains can be difficult to install and maintain without a professional drainage company. They require a lot of digging that will disrupt your landscaping, buried pipes, cables, porches, walkways, etc. This is an invasive method for drainage installation. Without proper maintenance, french drains can also become clogged with sediment and debris.

Sump Pumps Pros and Cons

Sump pumps are used to keep groundwater away from the basement by pumping it out of the home. This is an effective solution for areas with high water tables or if your basement has flooded in the past.

Sump pumps are also relatively easy to install and maintain, which makes them a popular choice for homeowners. However, sump pumps can be expensive to operate over time due to the need for regular maintenance and replacement parts. The two types of sump pumps include pedestal and submersible.

Pedestal sump pumps require a ditch to be dug down in the foundation, and the motor is placed above the trench, so it does not require major excavation. This type of sump pump does not resolve the source of the water issue.

Submersible sump pumps sit within a large ditch on the basement floor with a floater that monitors the water level. This floater will trigger the motor when the pump is needed. If you have a finished basement, you may want to avoid this type of pump as they require extensive excavation of the foundation to install them properly.

Curtain Drain Pros and Cons

Curtain drains are also a cost-effective solution for basement drainage. These systems consist of a network of trenches with perforated pipes that collect and redirect water away from the house. It is important to properly install these systems in order to ensure they can effectively remove any water that accumulates near the foundation walls.

Curtain drains are easy to install, but they require regular maintenance in order to remain effective. Without proper care, these systems can become clogged and fail to drain the water away from your home. Additionally, they may not be as effective if your area has a high water table or there is excessive rainfall.

Interior Drain Tile Pros and Cons

Interior drain tiles are a great solution for homes with concrete slab foundations. The system is designed to collect water from the basement floor and direct it away from home. It is important to ensure these systems are installed correctly, as improper installation can cause structural damage due to high water pressure.

Interior drain tiles are relatively easy to install and maintain, but they can be more expensive than other drainage solutions. Additionally, these systems may not be able to collect water efficiently if you have clay soil around your home, as the pipes may become blocked with sediment.

Exterior Drain Tile Pros and Cons

Exterior drain tiles are designed to redirect water away from the foundation and into a drainage system. This type of system requires professional installation, as it involves digging trenches and laying pipes around the perimeter of the house.

Exterior drain tiles are more expensive than other drainage solutions, but they can be a more effective way to manage water accumulation. However, these systems are vulnerable to clogging if the pipes become blocked with debris or sediment. Additionally, exterior drain tile systems will require regular maintenance in order to remain effective over time.

Drainage System and French Drain Services in Pittsburgh

No matter what system you choose, all basement drainage options should be installed by a professional drainage company to ensure proper installation and maintenance. At Isbir Construction & Landscape Corp., we will also be able to provide advice on which option is best for your home’s specific needs. Ultimately, these systems are the most popular solutions for basement flooding prevention, allowing homeowners to keep their basements safe and dry.

By taking the time to invest in one of these drainage systems, you can ensure that your basement will remain dry and protected from any flooding or water damage. If you are considering installing a system for your home, contact us, your trusted drainage company, today to get started!

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