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Sutersville French Drain Project

This building was experiencing significant water penetration due to the surface of the ground being sloped towards the building and from a constant flow of groundwater deep in the ground. The only proper solution was a full-depth excavation and exterior French drain.

Isbir Construction and Landscape Corp. Excavated to below the footing along the entire left side of the building and then power washed the foundation. After the soil was removed from the foundation, several cracks were found and many mortar joints had lost their mortar. This damage was re-pointed before waterproofing. Isbir also found several old damaged French drains and terra cotta pipes that were seeping water next to the foundation during the excavation phase. Isbir connected them into a new solid pipe draining to the front of the building to eliminate the water sources. Isbir then waterproofed the foundation with a hot-applied waterproofing membrane and covered it with a protective insulating board.

A 4” perforated pipe at the bottom of the excavation was encased in the gravel. This way, any water that still makes it into the area will drop through the gravel and get caught in the perforated French drain pipe that also drains from the front of the building.

Once the excavation was backfilled with gravel, the ground was then sloped away from the building to direct any surface water away from the building to prevent the surface water from posing a problem to the foundation wall in the future. The site was then reseeded.

After only a day or two of having the waterproofing membrane applied to the foundation, the interior blocks in the basement started to dry up and the basement has experienced no water problems since the full depth exterior French drain project was installed.

Mike Isbir

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